Recent Sermons

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December 17(AM) The Cost of Following Jesus.   Luke 9v57-62   Dan Bullock - Download

December 17(PM) The Pursuit of Godliness.   1 Timothy 4   Naresh Mistry - Download

December 10(AM) Boldly speaking the Word.   Acts 4v5-31   David Skull - Download

December 10(PM) Jesus the Saviour.   Matt. 1v21-23   David Skull - Download

December 03(AM) Beauty and the Beggar.   Acts 3v1-4v4   David Skull - Download

December 03(PM) Glory to God Alone.    John Benton - Download

November 26(AM) The Compelling Church.   Acts 2v1-41   David Skull - Download

November 26(PM) By Faith Alone.   Sorry. No recording available.

November 19(AM) The coming of The Spirit.   Acts 2v1-41   David Skull - Download

November 19(PM) By Grace Alone.   Ephesians 2v1-10   Rocco Dalia - Download

November 12(AM) The Witness.   Acts 1v12-26   David Skull - Download

November 12(PM) In Christ Alone.   John 5v1-30   David Skull - Download

November 05(AM) The Mission.   Acts 1v1-14   David Skull - Download

November 05(PM) By Scripture Alone.   David Skull - Download

October 29(AM) Reformation of our Hearts.   2 Chronicles 34   Greg Tarr - Download

October 29(PM) The Spirit's Reformation.   Romans 8v1-17   Rocco Dalia - Download

October 22(AM) How could He love me so?  John 19v13-30   John Peet - Download

October 22(PM) Shun evil & pursue righteousness.   2 Timothy 2v20-3v 9   Andrew Muwowo - Download

October 15(AM) Shaped by the Gospel to live in this world.   Titus 3v1-15   David Skull - Download

October 15(PM) A better way.     Klaus Green - Download

October 08(AM) The Grace that trains us.   Titus 2v11-15   David Skull - Download

October 08(PM) Fearing harm.  Psalm 3   Hugh Griffin - Download

October 01(AM) Godly living.  Titus 2v1-15   David Skull - Download

October 01(PM) Fearing rejection.  John 12v42-43   David Skull - Download

September 24(AM) False teachers exposed.  Titus 1v10-16   David Skull - Download

September 24(PM) Fearing exposure.  Genesis 3v10   Klaus Green - Download

September 17(AM) Appointing Elders.  Titus 1v5-9   David Skull - Download

September 17(PM) Fearing God.  Proverbs 9v10   Hugh Griffin - Download

September 10(AM) The truth that leads to godliness.  Titus 1v1-4   David Skull - No recording available - sorry.

September 10(PM) Fearing man.  Proverbs 29v25   Klaus Green - Download

September 03(AM) Prayers of Intercession.   Matthew 5v5-15   David Skull - Download

September 03(PM) Rejoicing in Philippians.    Rocco Dalia - Download

August 27(AM) Thanking God.  1 Thessalonians 5   John Benton - Download

August 27(PM) The Fatherhood of God.  Galatians4v4-7   Mike Parsons - Download

August 20(AM) Petitioning God for his pardon.   Psalm 51   David Skull - Download

August 20(PM) Facing Persecution.  John 15v18-16v4   John Benton - Download

August 13(AM) Confessing our sin to God.   David Skull - Download

August 13(AM) Alive in Christ.  Romans 6     Matt Pilkington - Download

August 06(AM) Adoring God for who He is.   David Skull - Download

August 06(PM) The most important question.    John Peet - Download

July 30(AM) The Crux of the Matter.  Luke 23v 32-47   Rich Castro - Download

July 30(PM) Coping with other Christians.  Ephesians 4v 1-16   John Benton - Download

July 23(AM) The Day of the Lord will come!  2 Peter 3v10–18   Rich Castro - Download

July 23(PM) Real joy in the Lord.  Isaiah 58   David Skull - Download

July 16(AM) Passion and Purpose.  2 Peter 3v1–9   Rich Castro - Download

July 16(PM) Thirsting for God.  Psalm 63v1–5   Ben Gandy - Download

July 09(AM) The Great Reversal.  Luke 1v46–55   Phil Reid - Download

July 09(PM) Don't Chase Shadows.  Colossians 2v16–19   Johan de Jong - Download

July 02(AM) Charlatans in the Church.  2 Peter 2v1–22   Rich Castro - Download

July 02(PM) Freedom through Christ Pt2.  Colossians 2v11–15   David Skull - Download

June 25(AM) Remembering & Revelation.  2 Peter 1v12-21   Rich Castro - Download

June 25(PM) Freedom through Christ.  Colossians 2v8-10   David Skull - Download

June 18(AM) The Showdown at Shechem.  Joshua 24   David Skull - Download

June 18(PM) Start as you mean to go on.  Colossians 2v 6–7   Greg Tarr - Download

June 11(AM) Making your calling & election sure.  2 Peter 1v1-11   Rich Castro - Download

June 11(PM) The Antidote to Deceit.  Colossians 2v1-5   Jamie Southcombe - Download

June 04(AM) It's Whit Sunday!  Acts 2   John Benton - Download

June 04(PM) Living the Christian life to the full.  Colossians 1v24-29   Rocco Dalia - Download

May 28 -   No recordings available.

May 21(AM) Joshua's farewell to the leaders.  Joshua 23   David Skull - Download

May 21(PM) The Supremacy of Christ.  Colossians 1v21-23   Dan Bullock - Download

May 14 -   Due to a technical problem no recordings are available, sorry.

May 07(AM) Cities of refuge.  Joshua 20 & 21   David Skull - Download

May 07(PM) From darkness to light.  Colossians 1v9-14   David Skull - Download

April 30(AM) God's message of mercy.  Jonah 1v1-3   Jonathan Worsley - Download

April 30(PM) Lives worthy of the Lord.  Colossians 1v9-12   Joe Percy - Download

April 23(AM) Permission to pray.  Luke 11v1-13   Paul Speer - Download

April 23(PM) The Growing Gospel.  Colossians 1v1-8   Rich Castro - Download

April 16(AM) Capturing God: Treasurer or Turncoat.  Luke 24v1-12   Rich Castro - Download

April 16(PM) God’s Big Announcement.  Acts 3v1-26   Hugh Griffin - Download

April 09(AM) The One Who Has It All.  John 1v1-18   Bobby Jamieson - Download

April 09(PM) The One Who Knows, Loves.  John 21v15-25   Bobby Jamieson - Download

April 02(AM) Repent and be baptised.  Acts 2v36-42   Rich Castro - Download

April 02(PM) Are you ready for Jesus?  Luke 12v35-48   David Skull - Download

March 26(AM) Lots before the Lord.  Joshua 18-19   David Skull - Download

March 26(PM) Do not be anxious.  Luke 12v13-34   Rocco Dalia - Download

March 19(AM) Mission Sunday.  No recording available.

March 19(PM) God's Great Invitation & Commission.  Matt. 28v18-19   Melvin Chiombe (OM Africa) - Download

March 12(AM) Joseph's inheritance.  Joshua 16-17   David Skull - Download

March 12(PM) Whom shall we fear? Luke 12v1-12   Rocco Dalia - Download

March 05(AM) Judah's inheritance.  Joshua 15   David Skull - Download

March 05(PM) Outward religion or inside-out.   Rich Castro - Download

February 26(AM) Give me this mountain!  Joshua 14   David Skull - Download

February 26(PM) An encounter is not enough.   Rich Castro - Download

February 19(AM) Receiving our inheritance.  Joshua 13v1-7   David Skull - Download

February 19(PM) Jesus, Beelzebub and the finger of God.  Luke 11v14-23   David Skull - Download

February 12(AM) Does God Appeal?   David Skull - Download

February 12(PM) Deciding about Jesus.   Rich Castro - Download

February 05(AM) Together: Unity in the Gospel.  Philippians 2v2   David Skull - Download

February 05(PM) Remember God's power to save.  2 Corinthians 4v6   Rich Castro - Download

January 29(AM) Direction: Discerning God's will.  Acts 16v6-10   David Skull - Download

January 29(PM) Proclaim Christ, not self.  2 Corinthians 4v5   Rich Castro - Download

January 22(AM) Decisions: How is the church lead?  Acts 6v1-6   David Skull - Download

January 22(PM) Why don't people believe?  2 Corinthians 4v3-4   Rich Castro - Download

January 15(AM) Purpose - What is the church for?  Ephesians 3v1-13   David Skull - Download

January 15(PM) Be open with the truth.  2 Corinthians 4v2   Rich Castro - Recording not available.

January 08(AM) Identity - What is the church?  Ephesians 2v19-22   David Skull - Download

January 08(PM) We don't lose heart.  2 Corinthians 4v1   Rich Castro - Download

January 01(AM) If anyone lacks wisdom...  James 1v5   David Skull - Download

January 01(PM) Jesus is in perfect control.  Mark 5v1-20   Rocco Dalia - Download