Praise is your purpose

You don't see a lot of people smiling these days. Many people live life in quite a gloomy way. But the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is good news of great joy - with an emphasis on the joy. Christianity tells us that the purpose of our lives is to glorify God and enjoy him forever. 

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Sep 15th Why am I here?  Romans 11v33-36    John Benton  Download

Sep 22nd  The God we praiseExodus 33v12-34v9   John Benton  Download

Sep 29th Doxological Evangelism!  1 Peter 2v4-12    John Benton   Download

Oct 6th Singing our praiseColossians 3v1-17    John Benton  Download 

Oct 13th Praying our praiseActs 4v23-31    John Benton   Download

Oct 20th Praise in bad timesPsalm 34    John Benton  Download 

Oct 27th Praise on ordinary daysHebrews 13v1-16   John Benton Download

Nov 3rd Praise in deathHebrews 11v21    John Benton  Download  

Nov 10th Praise in heaven Revelation 1v1-10 John Benton Download