Creation Club

Creation Club meetings are held about once a term exploring various aspects of the creation v evolution debate and their implications.

Due to unforeseen circumstances the next Creation Club meeting, due to be held on January 22nd, has been cancelled. We will bring you information about the next meeting as soon as arrangements are made.

The last Creation Club meeting was held on Sunday September 18th, 2016. The subject was Genetics & Anthropology. Recent discoveries both in genetics and anthropology appear to reinforce the Bible's account of origins rather then the traditional evolutionary theory. Dr. John Peet was able to look at these discoveries which contain some startling findings! Follow the instructions below to download an audio recording.

The previous Creation Club meeting was held on May 15th 2016. The winged fire-breathing dragon in The Hobbit and the T-rex of Jurassic Park seem, at first glance, to be 65million years away from each other. Yet the mythical dragon and the scientific dinosaur may have more in common than you might think.
Jonathan Drinkwater was able to challenge preconceptions and explore the scientific and historical evidence behind these great beasts.

Audio recordings of this and other sessions are below. Please right-click on the 'Download' link and select 'Save target as...' or 'Save link as...' depending on your browser.

Session 29 - Genetics and Anthropology.   Download

Session 28 - Dinosaurs and Dragons!  Download

Session 27 - The age of the earth & human origins. No recording currently available.

Session 26a - Carbon 14 dating - How it works and new discoveries.  Download

Session 26b - Archaeology - Supporting Bible history or not?  Download

Session 25 - Fossils - What they really tell us about the history of the Earth.  Download

Session 24 - How unique is our Earth?  Download

Session 23 - The Amazing Cell.  Download

Session 22 - Sex and Gender.  Download

Session 21 - Special Creation?  Download

Session 20 - Chance or design?  Download

Session 19 - How old is the earth? An examination of dating methods and their reliability.  Download

Session 18 - Who's your daddy? An examination of human origins.  Download

Session 17 - Nine myths of evolution. (Incomplete due to a technical issue)  Download

Creation Club sessions are normally presented by Dr. John Peet who is a member of CSBC and a retired chemist. Check out the links below to other articles and web sites dealing with the creation / evolution debate.

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